Patricia Margaret ELphick


                                                    **       We are currently taking on new members for 2018      ** 

Please register online at and our Membership Secretary  will email you.

We have senior, junior (under 18yo on 1st January 2018) and non riding memberships.

The membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December and at times there may be a waiting list in operation for new members.  

 The subscriptions for  2018 are as follows:

          Senior Member - £35
          Junior Member (under 18 on January 1st 2017) - £28
          Non-riding Member - £15

Current Almond Members will be given until 30th January 2018 to renew online

       Please send any enquiries regarding membership to the Membership Secretary

Members' Code of Conduct

**If you are a member of more than one BRC riding club please read the statement below**   
If you are a member of more than one BRC Riding Club and compete at Area Qualifiers -
Following British Riding Club rule (G5.1) - 
If you have  already competed for any other British Riding Club within the current qualifier year (2016 / 2017), including the recent SJ and DR qualfiers held at SNEC and Blue Ridge in Nov/Dec 2016, you will not be eligible for Almond team selection until the following competition year and as such automatic Almond membership new application or renewal cannot be guaranteed.
Your application / renewal  will only be considered once the renewal period has closed and any waiting lists processed.
Almond team policy is to field as many teams as neccessary for any of the Atea1 BRC qualifiers to ensure every rider who would like to compete in Area team qualifiers will get a team place. Therefore it is expected that Almond RC members represent Almond RC teams at Area Qualifier  competitions. 
This ruling does not affect any members who hold multi memberships with other BRC riding clubs who either do not compete at Area Qualifiers or multi membership holders who have represented Almond RC at Area qualifiers, as under BRC rules you are allowed to be a member of more than one club at any given time. 
Pony Club membership does not affect BRC Junior members' eligibility to ride in either PC or BRC area teams. However the same BRC rule above applies if you are a member of more than one BRC club.   
Current Almond members eligible for renewal will be given until 30th Jan 2017 to renew, after which time membership numbers will be reassessed and, if space allows, any existing waiting list will be processed.  

** These membership guidelines re teams and Almond membership applications were agreed by majority vote at Almond RC AGM  on  6th Dec 2012. **


Helping at events

All Almond members are required to complete a helper stint at at least 1 club event in the current membership year. 

If club events, teams, qualifiers, camp etc are oversubscribed priority will be given to members who have already helped at an event or committed to a date to do so.

Our new Helper co-ordinator for 2018 will be announced very soon!!  




Almond Riding Club